Web Design Tips for Your eCommerce Website

E-commerce websites are those that help you buy online. You can browse a wide range of products, browse them from different angles, and finally buy them by paying online with a credit card. However, it may seem as easy as designing such a website. In fact, e-commerce web design is one of the most complex […]

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Web Design Tips for Your eCommerce Website

Posted on Apr, 2, 2019 I Elise

E-commerce websites are those that help you buy online. You can browse a wide range of products, browse them from different angles, and finally buy them by paying online with a credit card. However, it may seem as easy as designing such a website. In fact, e-commerce web design is one of the most complex tasks, because such sites often have hundreds of pages and you need to make sure that everyone works perfectly. That’s why many beginners complete their web design course certifications in terms of designing an eye-catching eCommerce website that encourage visitors to scroll more. So, here we bring 10 essential Web Design Tips for Your eCommerce Website that every Website  Designer should take care.

1. Be Creative


The internet is now full of e-commerce websites, and most of them look like replication. There is no point in walking on the same path. Instead, you should try something else that will make your site stand in the crowd. However, it should be remembered that there is a very thin line between creativity and impracticality. While doing some creative designs, you cannot leave the practical aspect. When a customer goes to your site, he should immediately know what all this is and yet are connected.

2. Make Sure it is User-Friendly

It does not matter how attractive the site is; If it is not user-friendly, then it cannot expect a click on internet users. An e-commerce website is like a retail store, where people go from one section to another to purchase their favorite product. If they face any obstacle or obstacle, they simply leave the site and go to a more convenient option. Safari Digital Sydney advises that users must be able to access and navigate pages across a wide range of devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile without missing features or access capabilities. It should be designed in such a way that users should not get stuck at any time. It should be a comfortable experience.

3. Flexible Design

More people use phones and tablets to shop online. However, this does not mean that everyone leaves desktop computers and laptops. Because these tools are regularly used by e-commerce customers, vendors need to find a way to ensure continuous experience. While mobile applications are understandable in some cases, a responsive project can work very well and users can eliminate the need to download any other application. Using such e-commerce website design, retailers can provide customers with a consistent experience, even if they are currently using which screen size.

4. Site Navigation


It must be easy to navigate and must be a clearly defined process in which the user easily finds the desired product. The search box on the site must be enabled and must be optimized to help the user find the right question for a specific question. site can help you navigate through the navigation, giving you better results. Web site navigation is the most anticipated factor that should be done with good web design. You do not have to disclose everything about your site. Allow your audience to navigate the website and then serve them according to their needs. Your site should have a great architecture with simple navigation keys. So this will help the users of the search process. When your site has easy navigation, the user can search for one or another content in the search. You can find some great examples of an excellent site navigation structure if you check the work of some of the best eCommerce developers, which can help you get a clearer picture and guide you in the right direction.

5. Choose Underlining Technology

You must decide the technology to implement e-commerce solutions. To launch, web design should be based on the latest standards and practice, since in this section, it is desirable to create web pages using clean CSS instead of div tags instead of standard HTML tables for web pages. Pictures must be elegant and justified to ensure fast downloads. Ensure that the HTML code is verified by W3C. This guarantees web pages without consistently expressing all web browsers. Whenever you are experiencing cross-browser problems, you can write a separate CSS code for each such browser to ensure consistency. Now, a software technology solution is suitable for developing e-commerce applications, since you have a lot of open source software available that is optimized and can be customized for you. Viennese needs.

6. The Least Clicks to Buy a Product

When the user clicks on the “Buy Now” button, then he should put the product in his basket. I have seen many websites, which have clicked on the “Buy Now” button and have been redirected to the product’s main page, where there is another “add to basket” option available. Such redirection can exclude users who can leave later, so you should avoid such steps. There are many different ways to pay, and the best payment cards, credit and debit cards are there, as well as cash brokers. However, there are several other options which differ from country to country. Therefore, as a web designer, you need to make sure there are different ways to pay for the product, but at the same time, you cannot do this because payment tracking will be a headache.

7. Never Compromise Loading Time for Aesthetic Appearance

Many e-commerce website designers make the mistake of loading their e-commerce website with a lot of detail in using flash and images. Although it can make the site extremely attractive to users, but it increases loading time, which can cause users to suffer losses. So the trick is to create a visually appealing page which loads quickly together. To do this, use images that are attractive, but load it quickly. Reduce the portion of the flash and use it only in places where you think it will improve the user experience.

8. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing


After developing and hosting your e-commerce site, you need to engage in On Page SEO and Off Page SEO of your site. You must ensure that you use search engines to enable global access to your site. All pages and products of your site should be displayed in search engines. You need to find information and report on the AdWords Plus-per-click advertising mechanism from Google, for example, other forms of ads on other sites. If you can do this, then e-commerce web design ends.

9. Categories Your Product

The choice of products in the respective categories is of paramount importance, and the necessary products should be included in the respective categories. Customers should be able to reduce their searches by price, color, size, etc. Depending on your e-commerce site.

10. Make a Coupon Section or Subdomain

Most buyers wait for some promotional offer or festive sale before buying the products. Sadly, by the time the sale starts, they are no longer interested in the purchase. To counter this, many E-Commerce sites now make a section or a sub-domain to list all the active Coupons & Deals. I always recommend e-commerce sites to install this coupon theme and list your offers neatly.


All these tips will help you find more convenient e-commerce sites. If you think you are missing in any other way, you can always get help from a web design service provider for e-commerce. Serve your customers in the Excel business. While all of these environmental projects are suitable for all retailers, at least some of them are competitive. If you think that your business in e-commerce needs to continue to compete, you will not regret working with a web designer, we understand how we use any design trends.

Author Bio:

Sandeep Mehta is an experienced website designer in Delhi and has created many e-commerce websites for his clients. After creating websites, he has started doing online promotion for the same website. Online promotion includes SEO, SMO, SMM and pay per click. He is multi skilled and having 5 years of experience.

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