Types of Programming Languages and How They Can Be Used

With time the IT sector is growing rapidly by introducing different types of technological advancements. In such development, programming languages are playing an important role. There are different types of programming languages used by the experts. All types of languages are having their own usage, advantages, and disadvantages. When it comes to proceeding with technology-related […]

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Types of Programming Languages and How They Can Be Used

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With time the IT sector is growing rapidly by introducing different types of technological advancements. In such development, programming languages are playing an important role. There are different types of programming languages used by the experts.

All types of languages are having their own usage, advantages, and disadvantages. When it comes to proceeding with technology-related tasks, then everyone needs to identify it carefully and choose a suitable language. The use of a perfect programming language will be useful in boosting the computer or machine’s performance.

Programming Language – An Introduction

If you focus on the performance of a software or machine, then it is completely based on the instructions given. The instructions are written by creating a complete set of codes with the help of programming languages. Mainly the languages are categorized into two forms.

  • Imperative
  • Declarative

In the upcoming paragraphs, you will get introduced to some major types of languages and related information.

Types Of Programming Languages And Uses

Functional Programming Language

A functional programming language is designed and used for handling list processing and symbolic computing applications. It performs operations on the basis of mathematic functions. The programming languages that going to be used for related tasks are –

  • Python
  • Haskell
  • Clojure
  • Erlang
  • Lisp

If you focus on these languages deeply, then you can find that it is categorized into two different groups such as –

  • Pure functional languages
  • Impure functional languages

In case of the pure functional languages, you can get support for using the functional paradigms based languages only. When it comes to the impure functional languages, then the experts can be focused on both imperative style and functional paradigms programming.


When you want to perform various kinds of actions or operations with machines or artificial intelligence, then you have the option of functional programming language.


Using these types of languages will help you in experiencing various benefits. The following are some –

  • While writing code by using such a language, the experts can work by preventing and eliminating all types of errors. It does not support state and due to it, you can create bug-free code with ease.
  • It is considered as the best source for generating codes to create instruction due to its parallel programming feature. It helps in the proper functioning of the machine.
  • It will help you in boosting the work efficiency and get the best results.

These are some major factors that you should know about functional programming languages.

Scripting Programming Languages

For writing long scripts for website development and some other tasks, the scripting programming languages are going to be used. It works with the following languages.

  • Perl
  • Python
  • Node JS
  • Bash
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ruby

These languages are categorized into two groups.

  • Client side scripting languages
  • Server side scripting languages

For managing the servers and decreasing load from the browsers, the experts have to use server side languages. Mainly it helps in writing the complete website’s functionality. If you focus on the client side languages, then it is helpful in managing browsers of users.


Most commonly scripting programming languages are used for developing web applications. Along with it, the languages are highly used for multimedia, gaming applications, and creation of extensions or plugins.


  • To learn or understand the scripting languages, the users don’t need lots of technical knowledge. It is easy to learn.
  • In case anyone wants to edit the codes for creating variations, then it is easy to be done.
  • The use of scripting languages is helpful in adding visual effects to the web pages or developed elements for making it impressive & interactive.

Scripting programming languages are associated with several other benefits that can help you in making things better during web development tasks.

Procedural Programming Languages

Whenever an individual is trying to be a developer and start gathering the knowledge, then he/she will learn procedural programming languages first. For procedural programming, you can use the following languages.

  • Pascal
  • Java
  • C

It is also associated with several features and some are listed below:

  • Predefined functions
  • Global variables
  • Local variables
  • Parameter passing
  • Modularity

These features are making the procedural programming languages a good source to create codes for managing the machine’s functions.


It can be used for providing direction to a machine about completing a work process in a perfect manner. It defines the complete process by dividing work into different and logical steps. With procedural programming, it becomes easier to increase a machine’s efficiency and the level of perfection.


  • Procedural programming provides code simplicity that helps the experts in the implementation of interpreters & compilers with ease.
  • It provides portability to source code by which you can easily target different control processing units quickly.
  • The users are capable of tracking the program flow and understand the machine functions.
  • It provides permission of reusing the codes without facing the hassle of copy and pasting code in the same program.

By paying attention to these factors, you can get introduced to the major benefits of using PPLs.

Object-Oriented Programming Languages

For the complex and large software development projects, object-oriented programming is preferred. It represents the modern phase of programming languages as the procedural ones are considered as the traditional. The languages that can be used are –

  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Scala
  • Python

These are the major ones. This particular programming supports some other languages as well. It has lots of useful features like –

  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism
  • Association

The availability of all these features makes the software development for experts easier as per the modern trends.


Object-oriented programming is useful in binding the functions and data together. It helps in providing lots of benefits and preventing irrelevant access to codes. It is the modern way of completing development related tasks and getting better & efficient results.


  • It is capable of hiding some coding parts from the programmers. As a result, you can easily eliminate the risk of unwanted changes in coding that may lead to unwanted results.
  • Codes that you are going to use in development with OOP can be reused in developing other programs as well. There are not any kind of restrictions regarding new codes.
  • The experts can easily maintain and debug the codes that are going to be written in object-oriented programming.

By using object-oriented programming languages, you are capable of working in a modern and advanced way.

Logic Programming Languages

Logic programming is categorized under the declarative languages. It is not useful for providing instruction to a machine or AI. It helps in applying some restrictions regarding the functions that are commanded to perform. These types of languages are considered as SQL database languages.


By using logic programming, an expert is capable of explaining the complete procedure in detail. It helps in defining relations between all steps and complete procedures properly. It is not used for mechanics but it can be helpful in the implementation of computation’s logic.


  • The use of these languages will help you in experiencing the benefit of good memory management.
  • It is useful in presenting data in perfect manners such as intentionally and extensionally.

Final Saying

These are some key details regarding different types of programming languages and their usage in technical developments. In case of developing own application, software, or website, you can get assistance from experts and get quality results. With it, they can help you in understanding these factors with ease.


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